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After reviewing animation cowboy's full portfolio there was no doubt that Avi is incredibly talented and super skilled but only after we met to discuss our companies needs and vision I understood that he's much more than "just talented".


During the all processes Avi conducted himself in the most professional way there is when his deepest concern was keeping us happy and satisfied but still making sure we won't make any rookie mistakes.


While creating a beautiful and a super creative video Avi managed to always keep us in the loop on every decision and keeping the highest standards as well.


Avi is all about the product and how to present a complicated idea in an effective and understandable way while keeping it unique and beautiful.


I highly recommend Avi and Animation cowboy.

Once again, thank you from the all Weevi Team!!


Omri Peled

Co-Founder & CEO at Weevi

Explainer video production needed

About this Funny Explainer video:

In this promotional cartoon from Animation Cowboy, the excellent explainer video production company looks at the world of social networking on the College or University campus. It becomes an animated explainer.  The concise narrative, combined with pitch perfect animation, explains this product very clearly.


Facebook pretty much started this way, as a campus based dating site. However, this explainer animation explains that Weevi has a lot more to offer on campus. This is a campus-based social network. News of sporting and social events can easily be posted. Gossip and any “hot” news can be relayed instantly. Plus, of course, it is a social platform--a way of meeting new people.


The cartoon also weaves in a nice story line. This animated production video plots the daily life of a young guy on campus--how he gets up, finding the routines pretty monotonous.  With a Weevi app on his cell/mobile, he can quickly discover what is happening--if there are new or special club events.

The video gets across how easy it is for him to set up his own party. The narrative gets across the entire key points matched with some very fine graphics.


All of this is available on a mobile app with traffilog.  It allows you to see the same information that is available to bus controllers on your mobile phone.


Again, this Animation Cowboy cartoon, explains each point clearly.  The graphics are used to reinforce and explain them.

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Explainer video production needed