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Storing data is one of the most essential necessities nowadays--from text messages, emails, personal write-ups, photos, and videos. Various platforms offer storage for data in different size capabilities. These can be your personal computer, social media, cloud services, or maybe earlier forms of back up devices. All of us may have all of these kinds of storage platforms, but doesn’t it get too confusing? Can you still remember where you saved what? What if you need to find an important data? Would you be able to easily locate it? Ever thought about having all your related data stored in the same place? That’s the good news brought by Storalife.


This video animation, created by the animated explainer video marketing experts of Animation Cowboy, shows the convenience delivered by Storalife. The explainer video shares how Storalife would enable you to sync all your data from your various storage platforms into your Storalife account and have the ease of storing, tagging, finding, and sharing your data. This animated explainer video production was designed from the 2d animation studios of Animation Cowboy to show how Storalife can make your life easier. Storalife lets you organize your data, therefore, organizing your life.

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