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Playing the Slot Machine has never been more convenient and exciting. Who says you needed to go to a casino to have some fun? With the application SlotNParty available for download, everyone can indulge in an amazing multiplayer social slot experience. This application comes with different slot themes like Aladdin, Wild Wild West, and even a coffee house. SlotNParty teamed up with the hired gun, Animation Cowboy, one of the best animation studios in Los Angeles. Play with your friends or strangers and find your luck. This game is full of amazing surprises that will make you jump up from your seat.


Animation Cowboy’s design for the graphics and video animation of this multiplayer game is simple and sophisticated at the same time. Other than its visual features, SlotNParty’s video production with clear audio and cool effects makes this application engaging. Check out its application video and see for yourself. Download the application now and get your first set of coins for free. Every spin within its magical slots brings you closer and closer to the jackpot. So no need to go to a casino. Experience the real thing on your smart phone with the help of Animation Cowboy, one of the best, if not the best production house in Los Angeles.

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