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Just like opinions, everyone has different perspectives in various matters. Why not share that perspective to educate, inspire, and innovate? Perspectivo is more than just a social network that lets people interact with each other. In Perspectivo, people talk about achieving goals and expanding their minds. There is the saying that goes, “Stay away from negative people”. It is unfortunate that most social networking sites present hate, anger, and discrimination. Perspectivo defies that line and creates a virtual platform of positive vibe. Form links with people whom you may or may not know. Through Perspectivo, you share and at the same time, learn from others. You get the perspectives of many, and in the process, get motivated.  In this social network, people encourage each other in their studies or professions. Now this is legit #SQUADGOALS.


The promotional video of Perspectivo is well-thought of and produced. Animation Cowboy did an amazing job with the marketing video, which features some of the greatest minds in literature, inventions, and culinary. Animation Cowboy is truly the best animation studio or explainer video and video animation production company in all of Los Angeles and that is manifested in the Perspectivo’s explainer videos.

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