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Sandwitch Girl

About this retail commercial video:

Are there any couples out there who are afraid of losing the spark between them? Are you in search of a romance lost between you and the love of your life? Never take your life partner for granted. Bring back that chemistry, that charisma, and of course, your sweetness with each other. The sandwich girl is here to help couples get back on track. Find out about new ideas in showing your affection to each other. Spice up that date with exotic foods you made from scratch. Surprise her by climbing on a rope to her balcony with a rose in your hand. This application is also a virtual adviser on how to cherish and take care of relationships for them to last.


There is nothing wrong with experimenting with new things and new experiences. Find whatever is lost.  Animation Cowboy  did a great job with this retail’s promotional video or marketing video. Despite the foreign language, Animation Cowboy managed to convey the message the application wants to impart to people. What more to expect from the best production house in Los Angeles, California?  A comedic skit on how some relationships fall apart with the silliest reasons. Keep your relationship strong!


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