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Meytal Cohen - Breaking YouTube

3,173 Backers

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Pledged of $60,000 goal

About this crowdfunding video:

Attention all heavy metal fans out there, the band Meytal is about to drop their debut album for everyone to hear. One of the founding members and drummer of the band, Meytal Cohen took it on herself to raise money for the band. With the help of Animation Cowboy, the band was able to upload a marketing video. The three-minute video shows a preview of their original song ‘Breathe’. It was produced by the best production house and highlights the Meytal’s musical prowess and brilliant heavy metal composition. The promotional video showed all the band members showing their amazing vocals and mastery over their instrument.


The band is in need of $60,000 dollars to produce their album and hire a producer. The crowdfunding video attracted 3,173 backers so far and collected $144,000, double the target amount. The band is now closer to releasing their own album and making noise in the music world. The video released by Animation Cowboy is more than just a video for business. It is more like an explainer video to convince people just how great this band is. So watch out, Meytal Cohen might soon tour the world and navigate their journey to the top of the chart.

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