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The goal of an identity video is to communicate with the target audience and to relay  the essence of your brand and not only the services or products you provide. We will thoroughly assess your business values and create a video that presents those values in each pixel.

Why should I make an identity video for my business?

 If you are a small business owner, you may have noticed that most other businesses have at least one short video outlining who they are, what their company’s mission is, and why their product deserves attention. Why are videos such a popular form of advertisement? Quite simply, they are one of the most interesting and efficient ways of dispersing information to your target audience, and they are made to be shared and spread using the internet. Below are just a few reasons why an identity video is essential to your company’s marketing campaign:


  • As the name implies, one of the key functions of an identity video is to establish your brand’s identity. Customers want to know what you are like and what you stand for. A short video is a great way to let them know!.


  • Identity videos let you connect with your customers emotionally, . allowing you to make deeper and stronger connections with potential customers. This in turn can affect their decision to buy your product.


  • Videos are easy to put anywhere on the internet. Facebook or other social media, your business’s personal website, your blog, or anywhere else. Having video available can make your social media accounts and website seem more full and more interesting, which is never a bad impression to leave on browsing customers.


Video helps you build your brand and make your logo/colors/slogan visually recognizable. This increases consumer recognition of your brand, as well as their sense of loyalty to your particular brand and to your products. The more well known your logo or slogan is, the more effective future marketing will be.


Having an interesting and personalized video helps you show what makes you stand out from the rest. Additionally, it helps you to be yourself and to show who you are on a deeper level than simply enterprise. This means, once again, deeper emotional involvement from your customers.


A video is also a great way to lay down a great deal of information in a very short time, but in a format that customers can revisit time and again if they desire. It is one of the most efficient means of advertising.


Finally, videos can boost your SEO search ratings and establish your brand as a market leader.


Why is animation a great choice for my identity video?


There are many ways to make your identity video. However, one of the most widely loved and most cost effective methods is animation. Here are some reasons why animation is a great choice for your video.


Animation comes in a variety of styles. If you do not like one type of animation, you can just choose another. Some are goofy and fun, while others are serious and businesslike.


Animation is typically cheaper and easier than shooting real video and using effects to make it interesting. The work and money that goes into buying a high quality camera and also video equipment can drain your budget before you ever begin.


Animation can also seem more high quality than regular video, even though it costs less. This is because animation is far more precise and efficient than shooting regular video.


Finally, animation is one of the most interesting and appealing types of video—even more so than regular identity videos. Catch your audience’s eyes and ears with appealing graphics and great voice acting.















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