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About this viral video production:

Want to play outside, but the rain is pouring or maybe all of your friends are out of town? No need to worry, boys and girls. The Gogy game paradise comes to the rescue. Play the best games on the internet in just one website. Choose from over 85 different types of games. There are different categories, too: puzzle, adventure, racing, and sports. One month isn’t enough for you to enjoy every single game available. There are also educational games. Play with your siblings or friends. Gogy is available in 14 languages including Italian, Spanish, English, and even Portuguese.

The video animation features of the game website are highlighted in the promotional video produced by the Animation Cowboy. Who’s better at promoting this game other than one of the best animation studios in Los Angeles, California?


No need to buy expensive gaming consoles or spend hundreds of dollars from buying single games. In Gogy.com, everything is free--no memory card included, cool gaming effects, and fool-proof game excitement. Check out the marketing video now and be excited about what Gogy has to offer. Playing indoors is now more exciting with Gogy. Just make sure to monitor your gameplay time. Spend at least one to two hours. Tell your friends and have them come over for an amazing gaming experience.



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