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Sick and tired of your bra being ruined because of sweat and laundry? Frustrated of having to buy a new bra almost regularly? The average duration for women wearing bra daily takes up to 14 hours daily. Imagine the amount of sweat that accumulates within those 14 hours. Bras are delicate and are easily ruined after laundry. No need to worry though, CupCare is here to end all of your bra conundrums. The cup-care is a thin disposable liner that is attached to the bottom part of the bra. In the marketing video produced by the production house Animation Cowboy, CupCare shows its many features like absorbing sweat. It avoids chafing within the skin.


In the explainer video¸ CupCare has three nonwoven fabric layers: the top layer is a soft fabric that avoids chafing; the second layer absorbs sweat; and the third layer is called the bra protector. CupCare can fit any type and size. It is ready for shipping, and all it needs is a little financial support so that it can commence the manufacturing process. This way, every woman in the world can feel comfortable and confident with their bras. The idea of this product is effectively promoted with the crowdfunding video, which was shot, edited, and produced by Animation Cowboy.

About this Identity video:

The bra is an important garment women wear every day to support and protect their breasts. However, it is manufactured with a delicate and thin fabric that can easily wear out. Women also have a hard time dealing with the sweat that builds up at the bottom part of their bra. This makes their skin itchy and may even cause chafing. CupCare: Bra Protector is the solution for all women who always have a hard time fixing and loosening their bra all day long. In the marketing video produced by f the best production house, Animation Cowboy, everyone will be informed about the brilliance of the CupCare product.


If day- long comfort is what most women want, then CupCare is here to provide. With three nonwoven fabric layers, this linen protects the skin beneath the breast, absorbs sweat that causes itching, and keeps the bra clean. CupCare has been receiving great reviews from customers. All of the CupCare features presented in the promotional video by Animation Cowboy are observed well. CupCare doesn’t need any more explainer videos for product promotion. So for all the women having a hard time at work, school, and home, order your first batch of CupCare. They are guaranteed to provide a day of comfort and convenience.


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