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A company’s human resource is their most importance resource.  As such, recruiters play an important role in ensuring that the company hires only the best. The recruitment process can be very tedious as job applicants go through various stages and are assessed by afferent people in the company. To make matters more complicated, everyone involved in the hiring process have busy schedules, which makes it even more difficult to set job interview schedules and the like.


Well, Comeet makes the entire recruitment process easier, as it enables the various stages in the recruitment process to be conducted electronically. The app has workflows , which automatically alerts the next person in the process about what they should do. The app also provides the user with information in a systematic and organized way, allowing them to complete their tasks online. It also ensures that they don’t miss anything and that they get to thoroughly compare and assess each of the candidates.


To better visualize how it works, the explainer video created by Animation Cowboy enables you to see how the app looks like, allowing you to get an idea of how it is used and what you can do with it. The pitch video  uses a realistic example of how it is used, which enables  potential customers to see the benefits of using this application in their recruitment initiatives.

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