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Bezeq: Free WiFi

About this product launch video:

The internet has become an essential factor for human life. It provides better transmission platforms for education, communication, discoveries, and innovation. It is unfortunate that there are areas all over the world that don’t have access to the worldwide web. To lend a helping hand, BezeqWifi, powered by NGN network, generates telecommunication services to areas without internet. Bezeqwifi provides internet access to remote areas that are out of range from internet signal providers. With the innovation these days, internet access is also not portable.


As such, this internet service provider allows people to surf the internet wherever they are--whether they are aboard a ship or flying on an airplane. Free-wifi and automatic connection--what more can you ask for?  What are you waiting for? Sign up now and you will always have internet access wherever you are. Use it for research, education, and communication. That is what the internet is all about in the first place. Internet access has never been this sweet and convenient.


The main goal of this service, according to BezeqWifi’s marketing video, which was produced by Animation Cowboy, is to bring people closer together. The 3D Animation of the pitch video shows that every corner of the world is within reach.

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